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July 14, 2012
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A 014 by avancna A 014 by avancna
The Mountain Turtle is actually a species of cat-sized flightless cockroach. Although it is poisonous, it is often used by alchemists for herbal potions for promoting health.
The Quartzhopper is a grasshopper that lives in a rocky desert known as the "Quartz Wastes," where it imitates quartz boulders. A Quartzhopper is a solitary grazer of lichen, and would rather ignore potential threats. If harassed by a persistent and sharp-eyed opponent, it can emit lightning bolts generated through piezoelectricity.
The Dictyan is a giant, flightless grasshopper that feeds on toxic plants. It can defend itself with a nauseating aura, as well as regurgitating the poisons in its gut.
The Trilobug is another species of cat-sized flightless cockroach. Despite its name, it is not actually a trilobite. Trilobugs live in the darker regions of a rainforest called "The Emerald Fortress." There, they eat rotting plant matter and tree bark. Although their primary defense is to crawl into narrow spaces, they easily surprise would-be attackers with laser beams from their prominent ocellus eye.

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