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X 007 by avancna X 007 by avancna
The Infectitheria are a domesticated race of dangerous protist that, as the name blatantly implies, carries numerous deadly diseases, as well as toxic poisons. The various strains were created by the Yig to serve as living weapons, to be used against their hated enemies, the Pokuni Ag. The Infectitherium strains were also the primary instruments of the Yig civilization's own annihilation.
Infectitherium Strain V is thought to be among the very worst of the Yig's creations. The first of this strain was a colossal, 200 meter long horror specifically created to wipe out the cybernetic Pokuni Ag, the hated nemesis-race of the Yig. However, the horror was released prematurely from the laboratory-barracks in Yig Dara Da, and systematically destroyed or inadvertently sabotaged the Yig war machine and infrastructure.
Besides its tremendous size, Strain V's primary defense is a noxious, toxic ichor that causes a fast-acting, contagious disease that causes the victim to spontaneously burst in exploding tumors. When facing adversaries unaffected by disease, Strain V can regurgitate corrosive digestive enzymes.
Infectitherium Strain VI is a destructive, parasitic assassin created by the Yig. Strain VI enter into an orifice of a prospective host, and drive the host to madness while systematically devouring the internal organs, until the host dies, and bursts open, releasing the original parasite's offspring. Strain VI were intended to turn enemies into unwitting sacrificial pawns, spreading terror and demoralizing the opposition. Problems arose when various individual Yig began using Strain VI to settle personal disputes.

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